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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 114

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Dear brethren, in the mighty power of God go on, to which power of the God of heaven and earth, all the powers of the earth must bow; that to that of God in all consciences ye may be made manifest [2 Cor 5:11], that that in them which is of God may witness that ye are sent of God. Dwell in the life of God, that to the spirits in prison [1 Pet 3:19] ye may minister, and to it be made manifest, that ye are no deceivers, but saviours, and such as are sent to lead from all deceivers, and to testify against them. So, in the mighty power of God go on preaching the gospel to every creature [Mark 16:15, Col 1:23], and disciplining them in the name of the Father, son, and holy spirit [Mat 28:19]. In the name of Christ preach the mighty day of the Lord to all the consciences of them who have lain long in darkness, (and under its chain) [Jude 1:6], where the light shined, but the darkness could not comprehend it [John 1:5]. So, in the power of the Lord God go on, and thresh that which hath been fed with the harlot's spirit, and the harlot famish,which hath and doth prison the just. I charge you in the presence of the living God, dwell in his power, thatwith his power ye may be carried along to minister to all the spirits imprisoned [1 Pet 3:19] by the deceit. As the life of God doth arise, it will lead you up to God, the Father of life; in this your fruits shall never wither. But go on to plant a vineyard, and to <114> plough, that ye may eat the fruit thereof; and to plant in hope, and to thresh in hope, that ye may be made partakers of your hope [1 Cor 9:10]. And to thresh out the corn, that the wind may scatter the chaff, that the corn may be gathered into the barn. So, in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ preach the everlasting gospel [Rev 14:6], that by his power the sick may be healed, the leprous cleansed, the dead raised, the blind eyes opened, and the devils cast out [Mat 11:5]. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ go on, that that of God in all consciences may witness, that ye are sent of God, and are of God; and so according to that speak, to bring up all unto the head Christ, and into the life which gave forth the scriptures; for there is the unity, and out of it is the confusion.

G. F.

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