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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 108

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Friends, wait in the light, that with the light every one of you may come to see Christ to be your wisdom, and your righteousness, and so come to see the body, his church, of which is the head [Col 1:18]: and in the measure of life waiting on the Father of life, ye may come to reign in the life. All that are kept here, are in pure joy and love. And in the light wait, that ye may see the harlots and idolaters, &c. which are to be fed with judgment [Ezek 34:16]. Spare not that which is for the sword [Jer 21:7] and for <109> the fire; let all fleshly-mindedness be trodden under your feet. And standing in the power, ye will see the seed slaying the fat [Ezek 34:16], and chaining and binding the unruly, and succouring all the lambs and babes. This is the word of the Lord to you.

G. F.

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