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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 103

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Friends, take heed of darkness, or going beyond your bounds or limits [2 Cor 10:14], <105> but keep in God's fear, that ye may receive his wisdom from above [James 3:17], that with it ye may order all things [Wis 8:1] to his glory, answering the witness of God in every one [Col 4:6/1 Jn 5:9f], keeping in godly sincerity and simplicity [2 Cor 1:12], meekness, patience, and humbleness, justice, truth, and mercy [Psa 89:14]; this graceth a government, and is a praise to them that do well [1 Pet 2:14], and is a terror to them that do evil [Rom 13:3]. For they that do evil, go from the witness of God in their own conscience [Rom 2:15], and then the higher power comes over them. Therefore keep to the witness of God in yourselves, and that is the word of the Lord to you; and then ye will have the just weight, and measure, and balance [Deut 25:15, Prov 16:11], and true understanding, to answer the just principle of God in every one.

Bow and submit yourselves to the power of the mighty God of heaven and earth, and to no deceit, and take heed of bringing any into it. And take heed of respecting persons in judgment [Deut 1:17]; and that is the way to obtain favour from the Lord, and his blessing. From him who loves your soul's eternal peace and good.

G. F.

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