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Text Sermons : George Fox : Epistle 100

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Friends,—In the power of the Lord God dwell and live, that over all the world ye may stand, in that which fathoms it, that ye may handle the word of God aright [2 Tim 2:15], which is as a hammer, and as a sword to divide the precious from the vile; and is a fire, to burn up that which is hammered down, and divided from the precious [Heb 4:12, Jer 15:19, Jer 23:29] And in the wisdom of God wait, that ye may answer that of God in every one [Col 4:6/Rom 1:19]; which light will bring them off those things, which they have set up in that nature, which is gone from the light. Which things the light goes over, and brings to see the beginning and ending of all those, whom Christ said should come, which John saw, were come, who went out from them, whom all the world went after; amongst whom have come up all these heads and horns, and Babylon, beast, and false prophet, and mother of harlots [Rev 17:3,5], who have sat upon the waters, which have been peoples, nations, and languages [Rev 17:15]. And these have been from the light, and so from the rock, and from the true foundation [Mat 7:24f]; and the kings of the earth have drunk of the cup of her fornication [Rev 17:2]. And all nations, that have been from the life and the foundation of God, have been in this fornication, from Christ the husband [2 Cor 11:2]. So now people are to be turned by the light to Christ their husband , the rock, the corner stone [Eph 2:20], and are to be brought from their outward crosses to the cross of Christ, the power of God [1 Cor 1:18] within them, and from the dead image to the image of God [Col 3:10], which they have lost through their going forth from the light, and thereby have lost the power of God. And all these crosses of wood and stone, and the founder of them must all be thrown down by the power of God [Jer 10:14f], which is the cross of Christ; and to the light must they be turned, which answers to that of God in every one, before they come to feel Christ to rule and reign in them. Then the outward, dead crosses of stone, wood, silver, or gold they shall not need (to have) to put them in remembrance of Christ, or to bring him into their minds; for such as <104> are come to the light which Christ hath enlightened them withal [John 1:9], and believe in it, they feel the power of God, they feel Christ and his cross, which is the power of God [1 Cor 1:18].

G. F.

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