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Text Sermons : George Fox : Concerning Marriages

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Friends,—All they who act contrary to the light which comes from Christ Jesus, and hate it, whose deeds are evil [John 3:19f], and live in strife about words, and their minds are in earthly things [Phil 3:19], defrauding and wronging one another, they know when they do so, with the light which comes from Christ Jesus. So this light, which lets them see and know, when they act contrary to it, with this light are they condemned. And all that do act contrary to the light, and do join together in marriage contrary to the light, and are joined with that which is contrary to the light, this is their condemnation, the light, which leads to God. But who are joined together with the light, are joined together in God; and let no man put them asunder [Mat 19:6]. Here is the true joining; and there will be a clear testimony unto them, that God did move and command, and join them with his light, among all the children of light; and this marriage is honourable, and the bed not defiled [Heb 13:4]. And whom God doth move, and command, and join together, it was and is by his power.

G. F.

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