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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : "NOT DEAD—BUT SLEEPING"

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This is a charming story. Probably Jairus had not sought to know Jesus hitherto. Probably he would not have sought Him now—but for his distress. Trouble turns to Christ, many a heart that otherwise would never have gone to Him. This little girl was the father's only child. That made her dearer. She was now at the point of death. That made the case most urgent.

Jairus believed that if only Jesus would come and lay His hands on her, that she would live. The Master responded instantly, and He set out with the anxious father. But there was an interruption. As they were pressing their way through the crowd, a poor woman reached out her hand and touched the Master's garment. We might think that Jesus would not have allowed Himself to be detained for a moment, even by another case of need—but He lingered to help the woman.

When He was ready to go on, a messenger came and said to the ruler, "Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any more?" When death comes, all is over. But Jesus said quietly to the father, "Fear not, only believe." It is never too late for Him to help. So they went on to the house.

Already the professional mourners were in charge, making their noisy clamor. Jesus sought to quiet the tumult—but the mourners paid no heed to His words, only laughed at Him. The world still laughs at the hope of immortality. Then He exercised His authority and bade them all leave the room. Only the parents and three of His own disciples, did He permit to be with Him. Only love and faith could be admitted to a scene of such solemnity and awe. Besides, it was fitting that when the little girl awoke, she should not be embarrassed by the presence of a crowd in her room.

The manner of working the miracle was beautiful. The Master had a most tender love for children, and this was a child. He did not merely call her—but took her hand, and then said, "Little girl, I say to you, get up!" There was no delay, no slow returning of the life. Instantly the child rose up, and walked. Either their great joy at having their daughter back again, or their feeling of awe at what had taken place, caused the parents to forget the child's need, until Jesus bade them give her something to eat

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