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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : September 29. Jesus Passing By

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"When he heard that it was Jesus — he began to cry out." Mark 10:47

No doubt the blind man had been wishing that Jesus would come to Jericho. He had grown to believe that if he would only come — He could open his blind eyes. What a burst of joy filled the poor man when he learned that Jesus was passing by! Now was his opportunity. Instantly he began to cry out. The lesson here is, that when Jesus is passing by all who need help — should at once call upon Him.

But when may it now be said that Jesus is passing by? Of course He is always present everywhere. We cannot get out of His sight for a moment. Yet there are times when He seems specially to visit certain places. The day of Israel's visitation, was when Jesus was going through the land, teaching and healing. So times of revival in a church are times of peculiar visitation. When the Spirit is working mightily, when many hearts are bowing down in penitence — then Jesus of Nazareth is passing by, and then is the time to call upon Him. When conscience is tender, when the spirit is silently striving, when some peculiar providence has awakened the soul — again is Jesus passing by.

He passes by in youth. There is no other time when He is really so near. Then the heart is tender, the affections are unengaged, the life is plastic — and He comes especially close. There will never be a time in after life — when it will be so easy to call upon Him and be saved, as in youth.

This blind man wisely seized the opportunity. Jesus was passing now, was close to him, could readily hear his call. Now was his time; if not now — perhaps never. Surely we ought to act as wisely in seeking Christ while He is near. It must not be forgotten that Jesus never passed through Jericho again. If Bartimeus had said, "I will wait until He comes again," what would gave been the result?

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