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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : September 16. Life in Christ

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"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in Me — will never die!" John 11:25-26

Martha believed in the resurrection at the last day; but that seemed far away, while her heart craved a present comfort. It was to this feeling, which many another mourner besides Martha has experienced, that our Lord spoke these wonderful words. His answer shows that He Himself is the bridge of life which unites the shores of eternity and time — filling up the dark chasm, and bringing the resurrection and eternal life — close to earth's death.

The resurrection is not far away, for it is all in Christ's hands. When His believing ones die — they but sleep in Him. They are not really dead; indeed, those believing on Him never die at all! What we call dying is only "passing through the gate" — into the immediate presence of Christ! Christ has abolished death. To Him, death was real and full of terrors. But because it was so terrible to Him — it is only an entrance of glory for His people. He absorbed the blackness and the gloom in His own soul, as He passed through the valley — and left it a valley of brightness for His followers.

If we could all get into our hearts the truth of the immortal life as revealed in the gospel — it would take away all the gloom from the graves of our believing dead. Those who live here are in Christ, and those who have passed over are with Christ; thus in Him — we are still united. There is but one family in Christ: part already gone over — and part crossing now. Soon all will be together!

This truth of the endless life, is one of marvelous power when we have, even in the least measure, realized it. Death is not the end of anything really profitable to us — but only the end of mortality, imperfection, and sin. Life goes on fuller, richer, nobler, with enlarged capacities — beyond the 'incident' which we call death. We shall never die!

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