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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : September 13. The Sister's Message

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"So the sisters sent word to Jesus: Lord, the one You love is sick!" John 11:3

In their trouble — the first thought of the sisters was of Jesus, and they sent at once to Him. This lesson we should not overlook. No doubt they sent for the physician; but they sent also for Christ. We should never fail to send word to Christ — when anything is wrong in our home. We should want Him always in our sick-rooms — when our loved ones are suffering.

We must notice also, the message which the sisters sent to Christ. It was very short and simple. They did not beg and plead with Him to come — indeed they made no 'request' whatever; they merely told Jesus that His friend was sick — and left Jesus to decide what He would do. They knew that He would do the right thing, from the prompting of His own compassionate heart.

Notice also the plea. They did not say, "He who loves You is sick," but, "He whom You love is sick." They made their appeal to Christ's own heart — rather than to any personal claim. This is always our best plea with Christ: His love for us — not our love for Him.

There is something also in this message which speaks of a deep feeling of peace in the midst of danger. Many people in such experiences lose all their courage and ofttimes their faith; but these sisters, though in such deep distress, maintained their composure. They had learned lessons of peace from Christ in the bright, sunny days beforehand; and when the trouble came — they were ready for it, and were not disturbed.

Just so, if we would get Christ's sweet comfort when sorrow comes — we must welcome Him in the days of gladness. If this Bethany family had shut Christ out of their home when they were all well and happy — they could not have had His blessed comfort in their sore distress. We must be intimate with Christ in the bright days — if we would have Him comfort us when it grows dark.

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