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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : September 7. The Blind Man's Obedience

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"So the man went and washed — and came home seeing!" John 9:7

We must mark the promptness of this blind man's obedience. See him rising from his place, and led by some attendant, walking along the street with the patches of mud upon his eyes. People probably laughed at him as he went along — but he did not mind it. Christ had told him to go to the pool of Siloam and wash — and he was going to do it. Was not the great blessing of sight — blessing enough to compensate for any trouble in going after it? He would not be laughed out of the cure which was so near to his hand.

Perhaps some people told him it was all nonsense — that mud never cured any one's blindness, and that the Siloam water had no such wondrous power. Still he pressed on through the long streets, amid the hooting and laughing people, until he came to the pool. There he washed, and lo! as he washed, his eyes, which never had seen before — now saw clearly. For the first time in all his life — he saw the beautiful things about him — the skies, the hills, the buildings, the colors, the faces of the people. So his faith was rewarded.

In all this there is an analogy which is so obvious that it scarcely need be written out. This man's faith in taking that walk through the streets to the pool illustrates the kind of faith every sinner must exercise in obeying Christ, if he would have his spiritual eyes opened and be saved. People sneer at the Christian, and ask, "What good is it going to do you, to trust in Christ and unite with the Church?" Then the result — the opening of his eyes to see the world of natural beauty never seen before, though lying close all the years — illustrates the revelation which faith in Christ brings to the believing soul. God's face and heaven's invisible things burst upon the spiritual vision of him whose soul's eyes are opened! So faith has its reward.

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