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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : June 17. Profitable Hearing

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"Take heed what you hear!" Mark 4:24

This is a very important counsel. "Take heed what you hear." The things we hear enter into our souls and become part of our being; they give form and color to our character. There have come infinite blessings from the printing-press. There are thousands of good books, whose pages are like leaves from the tree of life, for the healing of the nations. But there are also thousands of evil books — whose pages reek with poison, and scatter influences of moral and spiritual death. With all this great mass of books, good and bad — it is vitally important that we take heed what we hear. We would not eat poisoned food — so why should we take poison into our souls?

If we open our ears to the evil things that are continually spoken on all sides, and that come to us on vile printed pages — our hearts will become foul and unclean, and our lives will be debauched. We should shut our ears to all that is unholy. Many a now utterly ruined life, dates the beginning to its debasement from the moment when an impure word was whispered in a listening ear, or when a vile book or paper was secretly read. On the other hand, every beautiful life has been made beautiful by what it has heard. We are saved by words. Pure, true words are transforming.

The Bible is simply a book of words; but every word contains a revelation of some beautiful thing in character or attainment which we should strive to reach. We should always gladly, because we may always safely and profitably — hear the word of God.

Then we must not forget the Master's other counsel, "Take heed therefore how you hear." We should hear thoughtfully, reverently, obediently, letting the good words of God into our heart, that they may transform our life!

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