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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : May 30. Jesus Always Answers

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"Calling two of them, John sent them to the Lord to ask: Are you the one who was to come — or should we expect someone else?"

"Then Jesus answered" Luke 7:18-22

John was perplexed, and sent from his prison to ask Jesus if He were indeed the promised Messiah. Jesus patiently answered the messengers. He always answers. Many of our prayers to Him are mixed with doubt; many of them are filled with complaints and fears and murmurings. Still He never grows impatient with us. He never shuts His door upon us. It must grieve and pain Him to have us doubt Him. Joseph wept when his brothers sent a message to him, after their father's death, asking him to forgive them, when he had forgiven them years before, and had proved it by a thousand kindnesses; it almost broke his heart to think how they had misjudged him.

Yet that is the way many of us do with Jesus. After all the sacrifices He has made on our behalf, and the blessings His love has bestowed upon us — when some shadow falls upon our heart, we wonder whether Christ loves us or not, whether or not He has forgiven us, whether or not He will take care of us in the future! We are half the time perplexed about something — full of worries; and these doubts, fears, and anxieties get into our prayers. They take the joy out of our worship, and the faith out of our supplications, and give a sad tone to our devotions.

Does Jesus ever get tired of such prayers? No, no! He listens, and hears all the discords made by the murmurings. His heart must be pained by the too; but He answers us nevertheless. He is very patient with us — He never chides; He remembers how frail we are, and sends the sweetest answers that His love can give. It is wonderful indeed how rich and gentle our Savior is! Truly,

"There is no place where earth's sorrows
Are more felt than up in Heaven;
There is no place where earth's failings
Have such kindly judgments given."

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