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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : May 4. Heaven Brought to Us

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"May Your kingdom come." Matthew 6:10

This is a very comprehensive prayer. It pleads for . . .
the extension of God's spiritual realm in this world,
His power over men's hearts and lives,
the subjugation of earth's kingdoms to His sway.

It is a prayer that men may put away their sins and amend their lives; that they may take Christ as their king, and yield every thought and desire to Him. It is not a longing to be lifted away to heaven — but a craving that Heaven may be brought to us, into our hearts and lives.

We are in danger of thinking too much of other people and the coming of God's kingdom into other hearts and lives as we offer his prayer. The little piece of world for which we are first responsible — is that which lies within our own hearts and lives. While then we pray "May Your kingdom come," we should look within ourselves to see if we have submitted to the reign of Christ.

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