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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : April 23. Let Your Light Shine!

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"You are the light of the world." Matthew 5:14

Every true Christian is a candle shining in this dark world. The Bible speaks of the spirit of man as the candle of the Lord. Proverbs 20:26. In the natural state, before regeneration — we are unlighted candles. We are candles, however, capable of being lighted; for God made us in His own image, though sin has put out the flame — or left it only a smoking, smoldering spark. But a thousand unlighted candles in a dark room would not make the room light; so when we receive Christ into our hearts, the Holy Spirit touches these candles with the divine flame, and they begin to shine. Thus every believer becomes really a candle of the Lord.

We must remember that we never can shine of ourselves; that we are light — only as we are lighted by the life of Christ in us. We are to let our light shine — that is, we are to keep the wick trimmed, so that the flame shall be always bright; and we are to keep the windows of our life clean, so that the beams may pour out without hindrance. We are also to be sure always to have reserves of oil to replenish our lamps when they burn low; that is, we must live in constant communion with Christ, abiding in Him — that we may draw always from His fullness.

Then, each one in his own place, we must give light to other lives, and make the one little spot in this world that is close about us — brighter and happier with love and grace. The great lighthouse pours beams far out to sea — but it does not enlighten the space around its base. Some people send brightness far away, working for the heathen and doing deeds which benefit the world — while they fail to brighten their own homes and the lives close beside them. We ought not to be such lights as these: while we send out influence abroad as far as possible, we should live so that we shall be blessings to those who are nearest to us.

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