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“If it ever really comes to pass that our students read the New Testament just like they read Homer, and our exegetes explain it like they do Homer with determined elimination of every God-directed idea, then the theological faculties have reached the end of the line.” -Adolf Schlatter

“Now if we determine to explain religion based on solely this-worldly factors, then from the outset our observation consistently stands in radical contradiction to our object, which emphatically does not lend itself to such explanation, but loudly and steadfastly insists upon the concept of God.” - Adolf Schlatter

“The question whether the coming decades will bring defeat or progress for theology in
Germany depends to a considerable degree on the skill with which we master the methods of scientific labor.” - Adolf Schlatter

"When one considers that the purpose of dogmatic work is to gain knowledge, whereas the purpose of the New Testament word is beyond this to call men through God to God, and when one recognizes that dogmatic work has been and must be influenced by later situations and knowledge, it becomes advisable not to take the questions that guide the investigation from the dogmatic tradition, but to get them from the New Testament material itself." - Adolf Schlatter

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