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Text Sermons : George Fox : A Warning from the Lord for Plainness of Speech to be used

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(To go among Friends)
FRIENDS of God and Brethren, This is a Warning to you all from the Lord God and Jesus Christ, that all that ye speak, it may be in Plainness of Speech, according to that of God in all Consciences, and that it may proceed from that of God in you, the Light of Christ, that all your Words be Words of Life to the Life, and Death to the Death, where it reigns above the Light.

And that all Words, which are spoken, be in Plainness of Speech; that the Light of Christ in all Consciences, which he hath enlightened every one withal, may witness your Words to be the Words of Life:

So that dwelling in the Light, to that of God ye may be manifest in all Consciences; which shall be their Condemnation, that hate it. Ye that dwell in the Light, and walk in the Light, use Plainness of Speech, and plain Words, single Words in the single Life, pure Words from the pure Life, seasoned Words, seasoned from Grace. . . . Therefore Friends, in Plainness of Speech all dwell; for dwelling in the Light, it will bring you to Plainness and few Words, to live in the Life, which gave forth the Scriptures, which was, before the Scriptures were given forth; and with it ye will see their Conditions, that dwelt in the Life, and gave forth the Scriptures. . . .

And they Witnessed and Prophesied of Christ, who was born not by the Will of Man; who was supposed to be the Son of Joseph, but was the Son of God.

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