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Text Sermons : George Fox : Be Lowly-minded

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TAKE heed of Strife in your Minds . . for it is the vain Mind, and it is not good. . . . Let none seek for the highest Place, . . . but be Lowly-minded . . . and bear with one another in Patience. . . .

And all who are Servants, labour in Love, as unto God. . . . And all who have Families, rule in the Power and Love of God, that that Love may be Head among you; For the time is coming, that it shall be, as with the Servant, so with the Master; and as with the Maid, so with her Mistress. For it is one Seed, that hath raised them up with one Power, out of one Grave, one Death, which Seed all the promises of God are to. . . .

. . . Therefore all Friends, mind that which is of God in you, which is pure, which is but One, to guide you to the Father of Life, who gives you Food and Rayment, and Strength, that ye may gather strength and flourish . . . and feed and eat of the Abundance of Riches with him and from him, which filleth all things; and of the daily Bread, which cometh from above, which none can feed upon but who are above the World. . . .

Dear Friends, wait upon the Lord, that all of you may grow up in the Inward Man, and be comforted and cherished there, in the things that Eternal.

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