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Text Sermons : George Fox : Be Faithful

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THEREFORE wait (I do warn you all in the Presence of the Living God) in the Measure of the Life of God, in it to grow up in Love, in Vertue, and in Immortality, in that which doth not fade, which joins and unites your Hearts together; and that all that may with the Light be Condemned, which is contrary to it. For that which doth defile, is out of God's Kingdom, and is with the Light seen and condemned; in which Light the Children of the Light walk, and have Unity one with another, and with the Son of God, from whence it comes.

And, My Dear Friends, Keep your Meetings, and ye will feel the Seed of God among you all, tho' never a Word be spoken among you. But be faithful, that ye may Answer that of God in every one. And do not neglect your Talents, but be faithful in the Power and Life of God, which ye have received: And dwell in the Life and Power, and Love of God, one with another.


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