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Text Sermons : George Fox : Changeless Love

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FRIENDS, in the Measure of the Life of God wait, to guide your Minds up to the Father of Life, where there is no Shadow nor Changing. As ye do hither come, ye must know a Removing and Changing of that which will Change, with that which doth not Change, to that take heed to guide all your Minds. . . .

So here the Love of God will in your Hearts come to be shed abroad, which Love is one, and doth not change; in it dwell, and grow, and abound, that over all that, which is contrary to the Lord of Life, who destroys Death, ye may reign every one over your own Hearts. . . . So that ye may come to know the Saints State, unto whom all things were become New, and the Old things were passed away; and that which . . . is New, that mind, to guide all your Minds up to the living God, from whence Light, Life and Power doth come. So in it the Lord God of Life preserve you, that to him ye may be a sweet-smelling Savour; for that which will corrupt, and doth corrupt and will grow ragged, and come to be torn, and will dye of itself and will wither, fade and stink . . . is that which is contrary to the Measure of the Life of God, and is with the Light condemned.

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