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Text Sermons : George Fox : A daily Help

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FRIENDS, Every particular, mind that, which is pure of God in you, to guide you up to God, and to keep you in the Fear of the Lord, that ye may receive Refreshment from God alone in your selves, and grow up in the Inward Man, nourished and strengthened by that which is Immortal. . . . And delight in that, which . . . Judges that which is contrary to God, and be Obedient to that which is Pure; so ye will see the Lord God present with you, a daily Help, his Hand always ordering of you, and as a Shepherd always keeping the Dogs from his Lambs, whom he feeds in Green Pastures, and waters with his heavenly Dew of Mercy, who makes them all fruitful. The Cry of Want and Poverty shall be no more heard in the Land of the Living, but Joy, Gladness and Plenty. . . .

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