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Text Sermons : George Fox : Concerning Judging

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FRIENDS, to you all this is the Word of the Lord: Take heed of Judging one another. . . . (I charge you in the Presence of the Lord) . . . neither lay open one another's weaknesses behind one another's Backs. . . .

But every one of you in particular with the Light of Christ (which he hath enlightened you withal) see your selves, that Self may be Judged out with the Light in every one. Now, all loving the Light, here no Self can stand, but it is Judged with the Light; and here all are in Unity, and here no Self-will can arise, nor no Mastery; but all that is Judged out. And let there be no Back-biting amongst you; but in Love, ye that dwell in the Light, and see clear, speak to the others, whose minds are gone from the Light: Else . . . if ye do speak behind their backs, there will be the Evil Eye and Filthy mind, which dare not speak to their Faces . . . and so Self should be Judged first. Here ye will be kept watchful in the pure Fear and Love of God, and all Self will be Judged out from amongst you. . . .

And take heed (I charge you all in the Presence of the Living God) of a feigned Humility and a feigned Love, which is out of the Light, and then that to use as a Customary Salutation or a Formal Gesture; which is all for Condemnation and to be kept out. . . . So see, that all your Actings be in and from the Light; here ye will be kept clean and pure and will come to be sealed in the Everlasting Covenant of God with the Light, which comes from Christ.

. . . So, dwelling all in the Light, which is Unchangable, ye come to Judge all the Changable Ways and Worships that are Variable and Changable by that which comes from God which changeth not; and with his Light, which he hath given, all those things are Judged. So dwelling in the Judgment, ye will be filled full of Mercy; for first Judgment and then Mercy is to spread over all, that the Just may rule over all.

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