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Text Sermons : George Fox : Baptism in one Spirit

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DEAR Friends, Mind the stedfast Guide to the Lord, where we do all meet in the Eternal Spirit, in Oneness, all being Baptised by it into one Body, having one Food, the Eternal Bread of Life, which the Immortal feed upon, and all made to drink into one Spirit, which is the Cup of the Communion of the Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which makes Perfect and Redeems from all that is Vail, Fleshly and Earthly, up to God, who is Holy, Pure, Spiritual and Eternal. And let not any of you, in your Desires, wander from that which is Pure in you; that your Conditions will be kept clear and pure to see all things, as they are, and a clear Separation will be made from that, which is of Man, and of your own, and that which is of God; and there will be a Growing up in that which is Pure. And so, be Low in your Minds, waiting for the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in you all, who is Lord over all, to be Lord over all, to be Lord over all in you. And so the Lord God of Power keep you all! Farewell.


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