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Text Sermons : George Fox : An Exhortation to Faithfulness

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ALL Dear Friends everywhere . . . Be faithful, and dwell in that which is Pure. . . . Take heed of the World's evil Ways, Words, Worships, Customs and Fashions, neither let fair Speeches draw you out, nor hard Speeches trouble you and make you afraid; But fear the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, who by his mighty Power upholds all things. And be bold in the Power of Truth, and valiant for it upon the Earth; treading, triumphing over, and trampling all Deceit under Foot, inward and outward; having done it in your selves in particular, ye have power over the World in general.

And Meet together every-where and keep the Unity of the Spirit which . . . Baptiseth all into one Body with one Spirit. And being written all in one another's Heart, have all one Voice, and the pure Language of Truth, where in all plainness of Speech, things may be spoken in Nakedness of Heart one unto another in the Eternal Unity in one Spirit . . . which draws off and weans you from all things that are Created and External (which fade and pass away) up to God, the Fountain of Life, and Head of all things.

And all Friends and Brethren, in what ye know, be faithful. . . . Oh! dwell in Love in your Hearts to God and to one another! And the God of Love and Life keep you all in his Power, and Love, and Spirit to himself.

. . . My Prayers to God are for you, that ye may be faithful, and be kept faithful in the Work.

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