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Text Sermons : George Fox : Be Famous

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(To the Church of God in Lancashire)

. . . OH, wait all in that which is pure, to be fed alone with the Eternal, Living Food! . . .

Be famous in his Light, and bold in his Strength, which will carry you above the World, and above all the Deceits of it. Oh, in Love watch over one another for good, and for the better, and not for the worse. And dwell in that which is pure of God in you, lest your Thoughts get forth; and then evil Thoughts get up, and Surmising one against another, which ariseth out of the vailed Mind, which darkens the pure Discerning. . . .

I say unto you, and charge you in the Presence of the Lord, Mind the pure Seed of God in you, and the mighty Power of God in you, and the mighty Power of God will cherish you up to the Lord God above all Temptations, not to bow down to anything; but feeding upon the Immortal Food ye will feel yourselves supported and carried over him [the Tempter] by your Father and your God, who is over all, blessed for ever! Who is the Vertue of all Creatures, the Wisdom of all Things; all Holy Praises be unto the Holy, Glorious Lord God for ever!


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