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I mentioned last time the price tag that is on the Testimony of Christ in our lives¬óthe Testimony of the Spirit that means the Presence of Christ Himself is with us. This will garner us the same thing it garnered Him.

But there is a price tag¬óa far heavier price tag¬óon being the friend of this world that hates God and His Christ. Oh, the loss¬Ö to one day discover that in going my own way in this present life (which is but a vapour), I missed out on the golden opportunity and privilege of walking with precious Jesus, and sharing His Cross¬Ö and being one in a great company of others who have done so at the cost of their lives in this world¬Ė the saints of the Lord.

Do I want to be the friend of a world that has crucified my Lord? A world that through the centuries has spilled the blood of my brothers and sisters in great numbers, and continues to do so even today?

Nay world, I turn away,
Though thou seem fair and good:
That friendly outstretched hand of thine
Is stained with Jesus’ blood.
If in thy least device
I stoop to take a part,
All unaware thine influence steals
God’s presence from my heart.

I miss My Saviour’s smile
Whene’er I walk thy ways;
Thy laughter drowns the Spirit’s voice
And chokes the song of praise.
Whene’er I turn aside
To join thee for an hour
The face of Christ grows blurred and dim
And prayer has lost its power.

Margaret Mauro

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