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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Amos 4:12

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Intro: The thought here is to prepare to die and face the judgment of God.

A. He had sent warning judgments.
1. Food shortages.
2. Erratic weather patterns.
3. Med fly and grasshoppers.
4. Viral diseases.
5. Earthquakes and devastating fires.
6. The purpose was to cause them to turn to God.
a. God often uses calamities as His instruments.
b. True character is revealed in the pressure of
personal disaster.
1. Some become bitter; some become better.
2. The trials of Job were to prove his
true devotion.
B. With each judgment was the opportunity to turn to God.
1. That was the purpose for them.
2. Turn now and avert destruction.
3. But they did not turn thus.

A. The one you are about to meet is the one that...
1. Formed the mountains.
a. The geologist speaks of the awesome force of
the earth's crust when forced together and is
thrust upwards and downward.
b. And God said, "Let the dry land appear."
2. "Created the winds."
a. The physicists speak of cold and hot air masses.
3. "Declares to man his thoughts."
a. The one they were about to meet could declare
to them their every thought.
b. "Thou knowest my thoughts afar off."
c. How useless will be the invented excuses.
4. "Makes the morning darkness."
a. That dark before the dawn.
b. Has the capacity to stop the rotation of the
earth on its axis.
5. "Treads upon the high places of the earth."
a. Walks across the mountain peaks.
B. "Yaweh", the God of hosts is His name.
1. We read of the hosts of heaven.
a. Both Daniel and book of Revelation speak of
10,000 X 10,000 or 100 million. Revelation adds
plus millions of angels.
2. And there He sits, King of kings and Lord of lords,
creator and ruler of the whole universe.
a. Every knee is bowing in hushed, awed reverence.
b. Your name is called, and suddenly you are
standing before Him as His eyes pierce through
your soul.
1. Why, while on the earth, did you refuse
to bow your knee?
a. Too many churches.
b. Too many hypocrites.
c. I didn't have time.
C. What must you do to prepare?
1. You can try any one of the many do-it-yourself programs.
a. Seek to transform yourself into the new,
perfect you.
2. You can accept the provision God has offered through
His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.
a. John 3:16.
b. I John 5:11, "This is the record..."

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