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One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.
--Ephesians 4:6

Scripture reading: Psalm 95

Think of it! It does not matter what the Enemy brings to you, or tries to bring; the Father, who is above all, is over you. The God of power, majesty, and glory can bring you to a place of dethroning everything else! Do you dare to believe it?

Remember, God our Father is so intensely desirous to have all the fullness of the manifestation of His power that we do not have to have one thing that His Son did not come to bring. We have to have perfect redemption; we have to know all the powers of righteousness; we have to understand perfectly that we are brought to the place where He is with us in all power, dethroning the power of the Enemy.

God over you--that is real. The God who is over you is more than a million times greater than the Devil, than the powers of evil, than the powers of darkness. How do I know? Hear what the Devil said to God about Job: "Have You not made a hedge around him?" (Job 1:10). The Devil was unable to get near Job because there was a hedge. What was the hedge? It was the almighty power of God. It was not a thorny hedge; it was not a hedge of thistles. It was the presence of the Lord all around Job. And the presence of the Lord Almighty is so around us that the Devil cannot break through that wonderful covering.

The Devil is against the living Christ and wants to destroy Him; if you are filled with the living Christ, the Devil is eager to get you out of the way in order to destroy Christ's power. Say this to the Lord: "Now, Lord, look after this property of yours." Then the Devil cannot get near you. When does he get near? When you dethrone Christ, ignoring His rightful position over you, in you, and through you.

Thought for today: You will be strong if you believe this truth: faith is the victory--always. Glory to Jesus!

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