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Text Sermons : John Wesley : A Miraculous Cure of Breast Cancer

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Sat 26 Dec 1761: I made a particular inquiry into the case of Mary Special, a young woman then in Tottenham-Court-Road. She said, "Four years since I found much pain in my breasts, and afterwards hard lumps. Four months ago my left breast broke, and kept running continually. Growing worse and worse, after some time I was recommended to St. George’s Hospital. I was let blood many times, and took hemlock thrice a day: But I was no better; the pain and the lumps were the same, and both my breasts were quite hard, and black as soot; when, yesterday night, I went to Mr. Owen’s, where there was a meeting for prayer. Mr. Bell saw me, and asked, 'Have you faith to be healed?’ I said, 'Yes.’ He prayed for me, and in a moment all my pain was gone. But the next day I felt a little pain again; I clapped my hands on my breasts, and cried out, 'Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me whole.’ It was gone; and from that hour I have had no pain, no soreness, no lumps, or swelling; but both my breasts were perfectly well, and have been so ever since."
Now here are plain facts: 1. She was ill: 2. She is well: 3. She became so in a moment. Which of these can with any modesty be denied?

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