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Text Sermons : John Wesley : Family Forgiveness

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Sat 26 Dec 1747: I called on one with whose mother I had prayed a little before her death. I knew not till now how she came to desire me, of all persons, to pray with her. It seems her daughter, who was of a lion-like spirit, came to me some time before and told me she had just been a-quarrelling with her aunt on my account, and was so angry that she struck her. I told her, ‘Then go and ask her pardon.’ She went home, ran to her aunt, and asked her pardon. While they were hanging upon each other, both in tears, her mother came in, being afraid they were fighting. She cried out, ‘Sister, what is Sally doing to you?’ She replied, ‘She had been just asking me pardon.’ ‘I never knew her to do such a thing since she was born,’ said her mother. ‘Sally, who taught you that?’ ‘My minister,’ said Sally. All were struck, and their enmity was at an end.

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