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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : All things to him

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Many, very many Christians, may we now say most Christians, have never seen that God claims all, that he asks that every moment of our life, every power of our being, every part of our possessions, shall have but one aim – the pleasure, the glory of God. They think such a life difficult and impossible, and with that every earnest prayer or effort after it is stifled. They hold firmly to their orthodox, what they count scriptural, view of what they think possible for a Christian, and never seek for the Spirit’s revelation of God’s thoughts concerning the standard of a Christian life. They know very little of giving God his glory and worshipping him as the all in all; they know still less about his working all in all; no wonder they have never understood the claim – all things to him. They, therefore, cannot say: To him be glory.

(Excerpted from The Coming Revival, by Andrew Murray , pg. 70)

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