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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : All things of God to him and in him it was indeed to be

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We should say this especially about man, made in God’s image. God created him that he might, in creaturely nature and form, show forth the nature of his divine and invisible glory. God created man with the one object that in and through man he might live out his divine life in such a way that man should be the voluntary and most blessed partaker of all the divine goodness and blessedness.

Every attribute of God, his righteousness and holiness, his love and compassion, his goodness and truth, his wisdom and power, were not only to rest upon man, but so to be in him that they might shine out from as his own disposition and character. They were to be his very own, accepted and appropriated and personally assimilated. And yet they were ever to be known and acknowledged as God’s. He was to bear the living signature. All things of God to him and in him it was indeed to be. God is all.

(Excerpted from The Coming Revival, by Andrew Murray , pg. 67)

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