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The question will be asked, and it is most needful and natural that it should be asked: How is it, if God really meant his children thus to bring his love to their fellowmen in the way Christ brought it, by living and dying for it, how is it that the church has failed so terribly? Does God’s Word actually teach and claim such entire devotion? Is it indeed an attainable degree of grace, a state that can actually be realized? Or must we not take into account the weakness of human nature, and consider the present state of the church as about all that could really be expected?

We must indeed take into account the weakness of human nature. But only in a much greater degree than is usually done. It must be seen that human weakness is such utter impotence that it makes the life of God on earth an utter impossibility except as the supernatural power of the working of God’s Spirit is waited on and experienced. And if the question be again asked how it is, if the declarations of God’s Word are so plain, that this power of God’s Spirit is not more sought and known, the answer leads us again to what we have called the root evil of the low state of the church. It is because God’s wonderful commands and promises are all understood and accepted in a certain human sense, and not in their divine quickening meaning and power.

(Excerpted from The Coming Revival, by Andrew Murray , pg. 61)

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