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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : The good is often the greatest enemy of the best.

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To discover sin is God’s work.

It is this we need in our assemblies ¬ó the hand of God falling on us, and making us feel that he is dealing with us; the Spirit lifting us between earth and heaven, above the things of earth, and bringing us in the visions of God to Jerusalem.

Yes, let us plead for this in our assemblies or in secret — the hand, and the Spirit, and the visions of God to bring us to see what is the real state of God’s church as he sees it.

In plain words, let us beseech God to show us, in the visions of God, what he thinks of the state of his people, of our own state.

It is so easy to congratulate each other on all the signs of advance we see, as compared with the past, that we have lost the power of realising how much evil and sin there is, as compared with God’s standard.

The good is often the greatest enemy of the best. People rest satisfied with a lesser good, with what was meant to be but a beginning of something far higher and better, and never think of seeking God’s best, the full and overflowing measure he has promised.

Let us ask him to show everything in the life of his people, or our own, that he condemns and grieves over, that he would have different.

(Excerpted from The Coming Revival, by Andrew Murray , pg. 46)

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