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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : The Entrance Into a Life of Full Obedience

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You might think citing a text in which obedience is seen at its highest state of perfection is a mistake for our consideration of entrance onto this course. But it is no mistake. The secret of success in a race is to have the goal clearly defined and to have it as our aim from the outset.

From the very outset of the Christian life, let us avoid the fatal mistake of calling Christ ‘‘Master’’ but not doing what He says. Let all who are to any degree convicted of the sin of disobedience come and listen. God’s Word will show the way to escape from such a life and gain access to the life Christ alone can give—a life of full obedience.

To be as merciful as the Father in heaven, to forgive just as He does, to love our enemies and do good to them that hate us, and live lives of self-sacrifice and benevolence—this was the walk Jesus taught while on earth. If you would hope to lead different lives, to possess a Christ-like obedience unto death, begin by seeking God for the Holy Spirit of conviction to show you your disobedience and to lead you in humble confession to the cleansing God has provided.

Our Lord called us to deny ourselves and to take up our cross, to forsake all, to hate and lose our own life, to humble ourselves and become a servant of all.

God sent Christ into the world to restore obedience to its rightful place in our hearts and lives. Christ came, becoming obedient unto death, showing what true obedience is like. Obedience unto death is the essence of the life He imparts. Shall we not accept it and trust Him to perfect it in us?

(Excerpted from The Andrew Murray Daily Reader in Today’s Language, pg. 29)

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