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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : The Joy of Being Filled with the Spirit

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The clearest illustration of the joy of being filled with the Spirit is seen in the wonderful change that Pentecost brought to the lives of the disciples. It is one of the most wonderful object lessons in all of Scripture—the Twelve, under Christ’s training for three years, and yet remaining, apparently, at some distance from the life they were meant to live; and then all at once, by the blessed incoming of the Holy Spirit, being made just what God wanted them to be. Isn’t that what your heart longs for?

I have thought and thought of Jesus in Bethlehem, of Jesus on Calvary, of Jesus upon the throne, and I have worshiped and rejoiced exceedingly in Him; but all the time I wanted something better, something nearer. The answer is to have the living Jesus within. That is what the Holy Spirit will give you, and that is why we plead with you: Will you not yield yourself to receive this blessing¬óto be filled with the Spirit¬óthat the blessed Jesus may be able to take possession of you?

Jesus within¬óthe very Jesus who is the Almighty One, who died on the cross and sits upon the throne, condescending to be your life. I would like to convince every believer that Jesus loves you; He does not wish to be separated from you for a moment. He cannot bear it. No mother has delighted more in the baby in her arms than does Christ delight in you. He wants both intimate and unceasing fellowship with you. Receive it, dear believer, and say, ¬Ď¬ĎIf it is possible, God helping me, I must have this filling of the Holy Spirit so that I may know and sense the presence of Jesus always dwelling in my heart.¬í¬í

(Excerpted from: The Andrew Murray Daily Reader in Today’s Language, pg. 28)

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