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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : The Morning Hour

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From the earliest ages God’s servants have thought of the morning as the time especially suited for the worship of God. It is still regarded by most Christians both as a duty and a privilege to devote some portion of the beginning of the day to seeking seclusion and fellowship with God.

In speaking of the extreme importance of this daily time of quiet prayer and meditation on God¬ís Word, someone has said: ¬Ď¬ĎNext to receiving Christ as Savior and claiming the baptism of the Holy Spirit, we know of no act attended with larger good to ourselves or others than the formation of an indisputable resolution to keep the watch and spend the first half hour of the day alone with God.¬í¬í At first glance such a statement may appear too strong. The act of receiving Christ as our Savior is one of such infinite consequence for eternity, and the step of claiming the Holy Spirit is one that is so revolutionary in the Christian life, that such a simple thing as the determination to keep the morning watch hardly appears important enough to be placed alongside them. If, however, we remember how impossible it is to live our life in Christ as our Savior from sin or to maintain a walk in the leading and power of the Holy Spirit without daily, close fellowship with God, we will see the truth of the statement.

The true practice of Christianity strives toward having the character of Christ so formed in us that in our most common activities His temper and disposition will be displayed. Do not be disturbed if the goal appears too high to attain or occupies too much of your time in the hour of private prayer. The time you give it will be richly rewarded.

(Excerpted from The Andrew Murray Daily Reader in Today’s Language, pg. 11)

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