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Text Sermons : Andrew Murray : Convicted of Unbelief

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We must be convicted of our unbelief. Jesus said to the disciples, “O foolish men, slow in heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken!” If we could only get a true picture of the amount of unbelief in the hearts of God’s children, we would be astonished and ashamed. Unbelief bars the door to Christ and closes the heart to him. When there is no unbelief in a heart, when there is a full, living faith, Christ cannot help coming in. The heart is opened and prepared for him; just as water naturally runs into a depression in the ground, so Christ must come into the heart which is full of faith. Are you willing to acknowledge that you are a fool for never having believed in him? We all need to pray, “Lord Jesus, it is my own fault. There you are, longing to have possession of me; there you have been with your faithful promises, waiting to reveal yourself.”
(Excerpted from Christ is All by Andrew Murray, pg. 66)

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