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Text Sermons : Classic Christian Writings : Prayer For The Holy Spirit By Oswald J. Smith

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Lord, anoint me with Thy Spirit!
Fill me with Thy power divine;
Take away the love of sinning,
Make, oh, make me wholly Thine!

Lord, anoint me with Thy Spirit,
As I wait and watch and pray;
Grant a pentecost from Heaven,
Send, oh, send Him, Lord, today!

I am hungry for the fullness,
I am thirsting, Lord, for Thee;
Fill, oh, fill me with Thy Spirit--
Wholly Thine I want to be.

I am praying, waiting, trusting,
For the power of Pentecost;
Lord, anoint me with Thy Spirit--
Send Him now at any cost.

Saviour, cleanse and make me holy,
Burn out every base desire;
Fill, oh, fill me with Thy Spirit--
Lord, anoint and send the fire.

Lo, He comes, the Holy Spirit!
Now with joy my soul is thrilled;
Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!
All my heart with love is filled!

Worldly things no longer lure me,
I am Thine and Thine alone;
All I have is on the altar,
And my heart is now Thy throne.

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