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Text Sermons : Classic Christian Writings : What The Lord Is To Us By C. Hurlburt and T. Horton

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Tender Grass

"And He shall be as the...tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain" (2 Samuel 23:4).

Sheep thrive best in pastures so low and short that other animals are not able to eat it. The Good Shepherd leads His flock in pastures where the "tender grass," springing up from the earth after the rain, brings to them all-sufficient nourishment as they feed on Him.

Oh, you who are partakers of the Divine nature, open now the Book of books, and humbly kneeling, feed on Him who is the Living Word, "the tender grass," which satisfies and builds up His hungry sheep.

Cluster of Camphire

"My beloved is unto me as a cluster of camphire in the vineyards of Engidi" (Song of Solomon 1:14).

A beautiful, fragrant flower--a "cluster" of them--exquisite beauty, exquisite perfume in abundance! Struggling in the midst of experiences that are not fragrant, that are not delightful, have you learned to turn to Him, who, in the midst of darkness, is Light, in the midst of battle, is Peace, in the midst of unpleasantness, is to you unlimited and exquisite delight? Do you know your Lord as "a cluster of camphire"? Acquaint now yourself with Him, and be at peace.

A Rose of Sharon

"I am the Rose of Sharon" (Song of Solomon 2:1).

Child of God, there is no mood of your life where Jesus fails to fit your need; to brighten as a brilliant rose your life. In joy or sorrow, sunshine or shadow, day or night, He blooms for you. Behold Him, then, today, not only on the Cross for you, not only on the Throne, but near you, close beside your path, "the Rose of Sharon."

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