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Text Sermons : Classic Christian Writings : Revival Through Brokenness By Peter Tay Eng Hoe

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Anything that is broken is considered no use and is usually thrown away. However, in the Scripture, God only uses things or individuals that are broken, for example, the alabaster box, and the Holy Communion bread. The Hebrew meaning for "break," means to shatter, smash or crush. In the Chambers 20th century dictionary, brokenness appears as bankrupt, fragmentary or humbled. God’s people are ready for revival only when they are broken.

"The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit" (Psalm 34:18).

True revival always begins with our heart. Before revival comes, God usually will show the condition of our heart. A true searching of our heart will cause us to pray out, "Be merciful to me, O Lord!" This is the cry of a person who is broken. This deep cry for a radical, supernatural and inward change of heart will result in a revived heart.

The first thing a broken Christian will do is to confess to God his total dependence upon God. Not only that, he will also confess his total responsibility for his failure and sin that bring grief to God’s heart. God’s Word teaches us that He draws near to us when we are broken and when we admit our lukewarmness, pride and arrogance.

Brokenness is necessary so that God can do a thorough cleansing work in our lives. Past impurities and unconfessed sins will be revealed as we seek the Lord for forgiveness and help. A clean heart does not entertain or delight in impure thoughts and impure pleasure. A Christian whose heart has been cleansed will need to constantly and carefully guard against sin. A broken heart is teachable, humble, sincere, soft and easily penetrated by God’s Word.

All this is obtainable only through God’s dealing. When God breaks us, He does so to bring glory to Himself. All through church history, before God uses anything or any individual, He usually breaks them, for example, Jacob at Peniel, Gideon’s 300 soldiers breaking the pitchers, the lad’s five loaves and two fishes.

Revival is not all emotion and exalted feeling, but it brings us down low so God can do spiritual surgery in our lives. Brokenness of heart is necessary before God can bring us the cry of victory and exaltation. In sending us revival God has to bring us to a deep sense of our own impurities and sins, or in another word, "brokenness." Out of a broken vessel, God knows that He can fill us with whatever He so desires. All glory will go to Him as we shine brightly for Him. Only through our brokenness will the mighty rivers of revival flow continuously out of us to touch our family, our friends, our church, our nation and our world for God!

Peter Tay Eng Hoe, from Aflame Newsletter

Men must understand that neither thought nor talk, neither sorrow for sin nor love of holiness is required of them, but obedience. To be and obey are one.... The business of life is not to get as much as you can, but to do justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God -- George MacDonald

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