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Text Sermons : Classic Christian Writings : Lest We Limit God By Anna J. Lindgren

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"Child of Mine," speaks the still small Voice, "I would have filled you with My own fullness, taken possession of you, used you to My praise, but you would not. It was not your littleness, your limited capacity that hindered Me, but that you did not turn your littleness over to Me as a channel thru which My fullness could have reached other lives. That was all I asked of you, but you limited Me.

"You wanted to be a reservoir, where the water is stagnant and soon dries up. I wanted to make you a spring, overflowing constantly to others. You wanted to be blessed. I wanted to bless others thru you. I wanted you to become a living prayer, releasing My power; you made prayer a duty.

"I would have made you My mouthpiece, speaking forth My searching, convicting, saving, enlightening, comforting words, but you limited Me. You dabbled in the philosophies of mortals, you cringed before the opinions of men, you bowed to the popular, and I could not use you. I would have made you a whirlwind to uproot and shake and sweep clean, and you preferred to be a nice little breeze that made people happy.

"My child, it is not too late. Much of your life has been wasted, but will you give Me what remains? 'Little is much, when God is in it.' Will you turn your ear from what men are saying and tune your heart to My message?

"You once said you wanted My best at any price. Did you mean it, or was it only a well-sounding phrase of a public prayer? If you meant it, I will accept your challenge, for My power is limited for lack of people who want My best. Do you dare to be scorned, and misunderstood, and marked as a fanatic? Do you dare to risk your salary and your prestige among men? Do you dare to trust Me for the impossible? Then, O child of My infinite love, 'fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.'"

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