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To Charles Hill Roe

c. April 1850

[Extract published in Eliza Roe Shannon, A Minister's Life: Memoirs of Charles Hill Roe (Chicago: The Lakeside Press, 1900), pages 69-70. This letter was probably written from Worcester in March or April 1850 to Roe who was in Birmingham]

[page 69]

I never remember his [Roe's] contributing a line, aside form home mission reports, to any paper or magazine while we lived in England, and I might say almost the same in regard to his after life in America. His esteemed friend Charles G Finney, once wrote to him as follows:

"Brother Roe, how is it that you have nothing to do with the periodical press? Why don't you use your pen for the furtherance of Christ's cause? Could you not do great good by giving some [page 70] account of the work at Birmingham as you view it? It seems to me that you owe it to God and to the churches in this and other countries to record these displays of divine grace to the glory of the Redeemer. We have no right to conceal and hide so great blessings received from God. Hide pride from man and give glory to God."

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