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Jesus, my Lord, I yearn for Thee,

How sweet art Thou to me!

O that we're taken up today

Fore'er with Thee to stay!


O Thou the Balsam of the garden,

O Thou the sweet Rose of Sharon,

Thou art the Lily of the Valley,

How shall I part with Thee?

In all the world there's not a sound

That can Thy mercies sing,

Nor has that heart on earth been found;

Thy brimming love contain.

Though hearts are faint and tears do flow,

Our sighs we can't control.

When of Thy compassion I think,

Grief goes and joy comes in!

Great is Thy love that far transcends

The bounds of time and realm.

Tis the Beloved who can tell:

Thy love all loves excell.

- Translated from John Sung Revival Choruses.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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