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At our last gathering, Joe made a comment that "to count something means that you have assigned a value to it." This statement brought to my mind a way to cancel out a number that I re-learned while repeating highschool as Skyler's aide (Skyler was a blind student). When we need to cancel out a number in order to solve an equation and find the variable we can simply cancel the number by doing its mathematic opposite. To cancel a positive number - add the negative of the same. To cancel a multiple - simply divide by the same.

This is true spiritually as well. Jesus said - "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." We can not simply attempt to resist evil passively, but we must actively oppose evil with good. So, if you are hurt by some word spoken against you - you must add "a blessing" (a positive) to cancel out the curse (the negative). The positive you add to the negative may involve the other person or you may simply add the positive thanksgiving to God. Adding the blessing with the cursing will cancel out the negative value of your hurt and keep the value of the event at zero. If we do this each time we encounter a negative - the positive good we add will cancel out the negative and the account of wrongs we keep against others will stay at zero.

May the Lord teach us all how to keep all records of wrong done to us at zero by understanding the law of cancelation. When we are cursed - we must add the opposite blessing. When we are harmed - we must add the opposite by doing good. When are are despitefully used - we must add the opposite by praying for the offender. This will insure that all of our accounts against others will be ZERO at all times - just like we all want our account to be with the Lord. We must love others like the Lord loves us. Out of His goodness, He adds His positive to our negative and the account of our sins against Him becomes ZERO! This is how we must love others.

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