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Text Sermons : A.W. Tozer : Collection of A W Tozer¬ís Prayers: Volume 1

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¬ďFather we pray: Bless thou this truth. Oh God, thy mercies are abundant. Are not thy mercies full and free, and have they not, oh God, found out me? We thank thee for thy mercies, thy many, abundant, full mercies. Now we pray that thou will help us to lean back upon thy mercy and trust, and not be afraid; heed sin and love righteousness, flee from iniquity and follow after godliness, but always know that in all that we do mercy is around us like the air; underneath us as the earth; above us as the stars, and we live in a merciful world and serve a merciful God; live and swim and move and have our being in the abundant mercies of the triune God. Graciously grant us, we pray thee, properly to understand this and to apply it to our hearts, and we give thee praise through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.¬Ē


¬ďFather we pray thy blessing upon the truth. Pray thy blessing upon this service that follows. Let us, we pray thee, feed on heavenly riches: the blood, that was shed, but the blood that is still shed; the blood that is now on the altar; the sacrifice, the priest, the lamb and all that is now ours till He comes. And open before us all the riches of His will, and show us our inheritance which is ours in Christ Jesus. Graciously bless us as we wait upon thee, we ask it in Christ¬ís name. Amen.¬Ē


¬ďLord we pray, for the afternoon, that it may not be wasted, but that it might be used in some good positive way: to know thee better; to cultivate spiritual things; to do good unto all men; to witness your saving grace to a world that¬ís dying. And now may grace and mercy and peace from God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost be with us.¬Ē


¬ďOur Father, we pray,.... we would repent before thee this morning Lord, rather than just pray. We would repent before thee oh Lord, for our 0:03:04.3materialistic?? minds: thinking in terms of this world, judging, weighing, measuring, valuing as men do. Father, this is wrong: forgive us. And Father, our preoccupation with earthly things also, we would repent this morning. As a people we would repent for our absorption in the things that pass away. Oh Lord forgive us, cleanse us, that our garments may be white this morning, pure, shining. We may receive as unworthy, but believing people. Break the bread of life this morning. Oh bread of life, break it; wine of the soul, spill it: heat us till we want no more. In Jesus¬í holy name. Amen."

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