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"A Vision: Fasting At Ahava"
~Hollie L. Moody (22 Aug 2003).

I saw in a vision a large group of people gathered before a river. The
river was situated between two mountains. On one of the mountains were
standing six men. On the other mountain were also standing six men.

I watched and heard as one group of six men began to call out blessings
upon the large group of people gathered before the river. When this group
of six men was finished, the second group of six men began to call out
curses over the large group of people gathered before the river.

The group of men who were calling out the curses had large stones around
them on the mountain. The large stones were covered with writings.

When the two groups of six men began to call out their blessings and
curses, I saw as the group of people gathered before the river fell onto
their knees and faces and began to weep and pray.

The large group of people eventually got back to their feet. Hesitantly
and slowly, helping each other, they began to cross the river before them
until they at last reached the other side of the river.

Then the vision ended.
A few weeks before the Lord shared this vision with me, I felt the Lord
had called me to a fast. I didn't know what the fast was for; if the Lord
was going to reveal something to me. At the end of the fast, the Holy
Ghost spoke to me and simply said, "Know what YOU believe!"

I waited to see if there was anything else the Lord was going to say to
me, but was only instructed by the Holy Ghost once again to, "Know what
YOU believe!"

A few days later (on a Sunday afternoon at 3pm), the Lord laid a message
on my heart for the church I attend and also for the pastor of this
church. The message spoke of where this congregation is presently at and
how it is a confusing place to the pastor and the saints. The message
spoke of how the Lord desired to lead the congregation out of this
wilderness to cross their Jordan river to obtain a spiritual inheritance
on the other side.

The message also contained warnings to do this time of transition
according to God's will, purpose and leading; and to not try and do it
according to his (the pastor's) will. What I felt personally about this
message was that a time of tremendous change is upon the church I attend
and that it is God's will to bring this about according to His will and

I wrote the message down and gave it into the hands of my husband to
either give to the pastor or not to give to the pastor as he felt led of
the Lord.

Three hours later, in the Sunday night service, the pastor began to speak
of many of the things contained in this message. My husband was sitting
next to me, with the message in his suit pocket that I had given him just
hours earlier, and seeing and hearing this message in the immediate
process of being fulfilled.

Yet I was greatly disturbed. For beneath the words of the pastor, there
also seemed to be a spirit in his words of almost indifference towards how
the people of the congregation were expected to receive and act upon his
words. One phrase the pastor said hit me hard. He said that the church was
going to change, and anyone who didn't like it could leave.

I've been in much prayer and meditation about these things this past
month. As I sought to try and understand why I was so disturbed in my
spirit about matters at the church I attend, the Holy Ghost said to me,
"Observe your husband."

"What, Lord?" I asked. I was extremely confused by what the Lord meant by
this instruction.

"Remember all your husband has endured the past few months," the Lord told
me. "For I have given him and the things he has gone through as a sign to
you, your congregation, the pastor of your congregation, and also to My
children who have ears to hear."

Some of you know my husband, Gary. In all the years Gary and I have been
married, he has almost never been ill. At the beginning of this summer,
Gary was playing with our youngest son, Joseph. Joseph was hanging from
my husband's neck and twisted Gary's neck and back. For weeks, Gary's
back was so severely strained he could hardly walk. He was on pain
medication for weeks.

Immediately after this, Gary went out of state on business to a tradeshow
in Las Vegas. While there, he was on his feet some days for the entire
day. Gary had taken a new pair of shoes with him, and in the process of
breaking them in, developed a large blister on the back of his right heel.
By the time Gary got home from the tradeshow, the infection from the
blister had gone into his foot and leg. Gary was ill, running a fever, had
chills. His foot and leg up to the calf swelled up to almost twice its
normal size. Gary wasn't able to get anything on his foot except very
loose sandals. He had to have a shot as well as medication for the

A month after this occurred, we went on vacation. We were outside in the
sun quite a bit. Gary's lips got severely sunburned. They blistered and
swelled up. It was painful for Gary to talk or eat. He finally lanced his
blistered lips in order to get the infection out of them. His lips were
swollen and scabbed over for days.

On our way home from vacation, Gary suddenly told me his left ear was
hurting. As far as Gary knows, he has never had ear infection in his life.
His ear continued to hurt off and on for two days. Then just as suddenly
as the pain had come, it disappeared.

How could these things my husband had gone through the past three months
be a sign to the pastor of the church I attend, the congregation I attend,
and also God's children?
When I thought about Gary's problems with his back, the following verses
of Scripture came to my mind.

Isaiah 53:4 ~"Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows:
yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted."
When I remembered about Gary's blistered heel, I thought of the following
verses of Scripture:

Genesis 3:15 ~ "... I will put enmity between thee <the serpent> and the
woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and
thou shalt bruise his heel."
When I thought about the pain in Gary's ear, the following
portions of Scripture came to mind:

Romans 10:17 ~ "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word
of God."
"Do you now understand, child?" The Lord asked me after I
brought all of this before Him.

I had to admit that I really didn't seem able to fully grasp as of yet
what the Lord seemed to be trying to speak to me.

"There is going to be change, child," the Lord said to me. "The
congregation you attend will be going through times of change. Not only
will the congregation you attend be going through times of change and
upheaval, My entire Body will be. This is a time not only of promise and
blessing, but also of judgment and cursing. Leaders and ministries are
being pulled back, while others are coming forward to carry on where
others must now leave off. It is a time of tremendous transition. Those
who know their place in Me and in My Body will not resist this as will
those whose motives are not pure. This is a time for all of My children to
know fully what each of them believe so that they may remain standing when
much else falls around them."

"In the vision, child," the Lord said to me, "what were the people doing
as they crossed the river?"

I thought back to the vision, and of how the people were helping each
other to get across the river to the other side.

"They were helping each other," I replied.

"Those who try to get through these times of change without helping those
around them to do so do not know My heart," the Lord said. "I love My
children, and it is not My will for any of them to be lost or swept away
by changing times or seasons.

"I have gathered My children before a great spiritual river, Ahava," the
Lord continued. "While they are in the process of gathering, I am speaking
to them to examine themselves and to know what they believe. I am also
bringing about a spirit and attitude of great love in the hearts of My
true children towards others. This time and season is a time and season
for My children to love one another. They are to bear one another's
burdens. They are to walk in love towards each other. They are to speak
words of encouragement, warning and love to one another. And they are to
listen closely for the sound of My voice.

"This is what has been represented in your husband's body," the Lord said
to me. "Now do you understand, child? Tell others so that they also might

In Him,
~ Hollie L. Moody.

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