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-Flo Lamar.

When I look upon the churches and I see how the spirit of compromise has
been allowed in to corrupt that which was intended to be Holy, I say
where was the testing of the spirits? How have my people been swallowed
up by its deception? Who did not stay at their post! Who did not sound
the alarm when the spirit of counterfeit was allowed its place! Where
was the one who knew the Truth? Welcomed instead is that spirit that
counterfeited its face, and is allowed to come in! Where is the
discernment in my people today?

My people have been swayed by false doctrines, by every wind of
doctrine. They are not checking the spirit behind it. My people are
being seduced by a spirit that moves the flesh, and not the spirit. I
have not told my church to celebrate, but to repent! To come out of her
my people, and to walk in the spirit. My people give in to these
movements that bring their flesh pleasure; and this is not my spirit.
When will my people wake up from this state that they are in? When will
my people recognize that the only way they can worship me is in spirit
and in truth. Why does the flesh have its power? Because my people are
expressing their adoration out of the flesh! Look amongst you, what
fruit is coming forth? Examine the fruit and discern if it's really of
me. Are the sick being healed? Are souls being saved? Are lives being

How have my churches been so misguided, so deceived, and so
desensitized? How could you not discern the times you are in? A time is
coming when the great falling away will happen, and is happening before
you. When many shall fall away from my spirit, and will accept a
counterfeit spirit. Without testing the spirits many shall become like
others who have been misled by that seducing spirit. That spirit that
cripples the spirit is roaming into these churches. They appear to have
a desire for me and they halfway want that deeper experience with me. I
tell you if you want a visitation of my spirit; then obey my spirit and
repent and come into unity, and be of the same spirit!

Learn to discern the spirits of your day. Be quick to pray against
anything that causes your flesh to rise up. For I call your spirit to
the truth! I challenge you to test the spirits, to see if they are
coming from me, or if you are entertaining another spirit. Be wise as a
serpent I tell you, so that you may discern the days that you are in.

I do not accept any compromise; and I shall not move in the midst of any
house that has allowed it in. My people are called to holiness, not to
allow the spirit of the world in. I do not accept any compromise of the
flesh in my house, so why do you? This has gone unchecked by my people;
and my people are being convinced that what appears to be of me, is
truly not of me.

As given to Flo Lamar,
December 8, 2002.

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