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I am inclined to agree... regarding "a lying spirit in the mouths of
American prophets". However, the teachings in the average church regarding
prophets, their mission and ministry is either non-existant, or the teaching
leads one to believe a true prophet only speaks good, encouraging words in a
rather passive manner.

In the 1950's and 1960's even into the 1970's God mightily used me in the
prophetic giftings. Often He would move me in bold, profound, even scathing
rebukes against lukewarmness, apathy and unbelief. Sometimes He would give
strong words of encouragement, painting a picture of the wondrous results
which would follow should they choose to follow closely to Him in dedication
and obedience. On occasion He would give me a warm love song of great beauty.
But mostly, the words were strong retorts for loose living and determined

I didn't question my role as instrument in those days, I just loved God so
much I was willing to allow Him to speak as He pleased. I was a petite young
teenager when He began in me and I loved Him more than life itself, so I
willingly paid the price for the Spirit to flow through me. My pastor and the
leadership didn't question the validity of my giftings, but the congregation
often rejected me as a person, and were suspect of the gift. Being a shy,
quiet person, the prophetic gifting was just the opposite of my own

Nevertheless, in the early 1980's much "teaching" went out accross the church
regarding a more gentler, kinder prophetic unction and the use of the gifts
were downplayed and humanized in many ways. The Lord did use me in those
days, and I attempted to be "teachable" learning to tone-down the delivery of
the messages and attempt to always end with an up-beat note. For some reason
I became aware of people accepting me more readily and it was nice to be
liked. (At the time I didn't fully realize all this, but looking back it
seems clear.) However, fewer and fewer messages came and we were in some
churches (yes, Charismatic) which rarely allowed and gave little credence to
any of the gifts, let alone prophecy (Why, wasn't the pastor's preaching
prophecy, what more do we need?)

Last Spring, the Lord awakened me at 1:30 AM and called me to go downstairs to
meet there with Him. He called upon me to do some heavy repenting, deep soul-
searching and re-committal. For several weeks the Presence of the Lord
weighed heavily upon me and I basked and rejoiced in Him. I felt like one
raised from a coma into newness of life. Nothing in my life was changed, but
I was renewed in Him. It didn't happen in a church. No one prayed for me or
laid hands on me. Jesus came into my living room and tounched me again.

Since then, last March, 1997, I've experienced Him in new power and
revelation. He has given me several visions and dreams, many scriptural
revelations and several directives. One in particular was a prophecy for the
Church which spoke of great upheavals coming soon for which we must prepare by
pressing in to the heart of our God, each one personally. It went on to
state that just as Jesus was upon the earth for a period of time after His
resurrection, walking and talking with and teaching his Church, so He will be
with His Church prior to His Second Coming. This prophecy underscored the
efficacy of a vision He gave me back in l961 regarding the state of the Church
and the working of the Holy Spirit just prior to His Return. He emphasized
the fact of His moving in mighty annointing in and through those who were
courageous enough to stretch their faith to believe Him for all things and
allow Him to work in all ways even to the point of translating us physically
from one place to another for the purpose of saving the lost and healing the
sick. The most profound revelation was that Jesus, Himself, would appear
before us as we travelled from place to place to encourage, annoint and
strengthen us in ways we cannot properly express. The Glory of God rested
upon us with such Joy as I've yet to experience in this life.

Just a few weeks ago, I was awakened early on two consecutive mornings by God
calling out my name and then He almost groaned with anquish, "They are
teaching my prophets to be passive and lukewarm." I want you to be aflame
with Fire. I want my prophets to proclaim my Word with boldness, authority
and a loud voice." "Cry aloud, spare not and show my people their
transgressions." "If you are the only one speaking against them, continue to
speak, don't be afraid, I am with you."

It seems clear to me that more is needed in the American Church than
prosperity in the pocketbook. I believe God meets all of our needs and even
more if we are trustworthy, but with all the violence, divorce, perversions
and strife even in the Church, only an Ostrich would assume the need is
financial. When these hurting, ensnared people surface in the churches crying
out their needs, many are perfunctorily shown the exit or scolded for not
believing God rather than truly ministered to in a caring way. Deliverance
ministry is often distasteful, but it appears to be the most needful in
America today. Television, games, movies and PC's have deluged people with
filth and devils. The church would like to remain blind to the desperation of
this hour by carrying on lovely inane services with lots of pretty music in an
undisturbed fashion. Meanwhile, more church kids are running away to live in
rebellion on the streets while the church discusses the validity of rebuking
the devil.

Please pray for the American Church, God is really moving at the grass roots
and is changing many of us into His army of Prayer Warriors...
Love, in Jesus,

Carole Phelps

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