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-by Marge Thompson (Keelville, KS).

The state of Kansas and more specifically, our region of
Southeastern Kansas, and the "heartland of the United States"
(Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma) is now experiencing the
'kairos' time of our Father and His Kingdom will.

One hundred years ago, in the city of Topeka, Kansas, the mightiest
outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God impacted the United States
and God used the man, Charles F. Parham, to advance that move
of God through the work of ministry in his life. One of the resulting
manifestations of that outpouring in Topeka, Kansas was the
"Azusa Street Revival" in California.

Also Bro. Parham established in 1903, the first Apostolic Church
in the United States in a small town in southeast Kansas. That
church and its congregation has never ceased its operation since
the church's establishment in Keelville, Kansas.

Before Bro. Parham's home-going, he prophesied that 100 years
from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in 1903, there would be
another major outpouring.

Revival, renewal, awakening or whatever phrase you want to use -

-from Jim Brooks (author of the 'Red River' article)

My grandmother told me about the revival that will come
sometime in this century. - Soon, if she was right.

This was prophesied during the Great Revival. Most people
were not aware of that prophecy even then, or so I understand.
It was among those who were interceding for the Great Revival
and for it to be renewed and continued... Some of the people
involved with the campmeetings that were held there, were
among those who prophesied the revival that will come in this
century (-soon, I hope). One of the women buried in the graveyard
near the old campmeeting site declared before she died that she
did not want to go to heaven until she saw the coming of the new
revival, which they were told would be greater than the Great Revival.

They were told that it would be similar to the Great Revival, but would be
much greater in magnitude, that is in the number of people affected and in
the area of the globe that it would cover. They said that those areas that
accepted this new revival would, if they yielded sufficiently to it, be
flooded with the Holy Spirit to the extent that people would think it was
like the day of Pentecost when the tongues of fire fell on the disciples.

How great the revival will be in any given area or city or town will depend
entirely upon the receptiveness of the people there. Some areas will be
completely changed forever, but some places will reject the revival almost
completely and will suffer as a result. They also said that the revival
would come in a time of great judgement. Whether the judgement or the
revival comes first, or whether they come together, I never heard. My
grandmother told me that she wished she could live to see the wonderful
things that God is going to shortly do. She said she envied those of us who
would see and experience the coming revival.

-Jim Brooks.

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