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"The Apostles Are Coming!"
~Hollie L. Moody.

1 Cor 11:34(b) ~ "And the rest will I set in order when I come."

In a vision, I saw the form of a man dressed in kingly garments. I felt in my
spirit that this man was actually the King of Kings (Jehovah God). In one of
His hands, the King held a rod. In His other hand, He held a staff. On the
right hand and on the left hand of the King stood a person. I couldn't tell if
these people were male or female.

The King and the two people were standing before a large temple. As I stared
at the temple, I became aware that a human body was contained within this
temple. I was surprised and sickened to see that this large human body was
headless. This body also appeared to have body parts and members of its body that
"shifted" from one position to another so that the body wasn't properly put
together. Some body parts also seemed to be missing.

"What is this thing that is a temple but also a human body?" I asked the

"This is My church," the King replied.

At a word from the King, the two people at His right and left side approached
the body-temple. I saw that one of these people held what appeared to be a
large measuring tape in their hands. The other person had what appeared to be a
scale with which to weigh things in their hands. After they reached the
body-temple, these two people began to measure and to weigh the body-temple.

"Who are these two people," I asked the King, "and why are they measuring and
weighing Your church?"

"These two people represent both the prophetic and the apostolic spirit that
I have and am releasing to measure and weigh My church," the King replied.

After measuring and weighing the body-temple, these two people rejoined the
King. I saw as these two people appeared to give their report of the measuring
and weighing of the body-temple to the King. The King appeared grieved with
their report and stretched forth the rod in His hand towards the body-temple.

One of the people at His side (the one who represented the prophetic spirit)
went back to the body-temple, entered into the body-temple and began to shake
the body-temple from within. I saw numerous items begin to come crashing down
from inside the body-temple. As these items were shaken loose and fell, the
person who had entered into the body-temple began to cast these things out of
the body-temple. I noticed that this person was weeping as they were bringing
apparent destruction to many things within the body-temple.

While this was happening, I saw that the body-temple was attempting to cast
this person out.

"What is this person doing to Your church?" I asked the King.

"This is the prophetic spirit which is tearing down all that offends within
My church," the King replied. "There are those who have sought to tear down
these things before, yet the time was not full come, and the spirits of those
whom I would have sent were not yet perfect before Me. This is a time of purging
for My church, and for casting out all that offends Me and is not fully of My
truth. Those whom I am sending to do this work will do so with weeping, not
with laughter. For they now realize and understand that My church is not an
organization, but a people called by My Name, and that My church is not to be
destroyed but to be set up. My church will not fully understand what is
transpiring during this time of being shaken and cast down. The prophetic spirit, and My
prophets, will for the most part be fiercely resisted during this time. "

I saw that the body-temple was unsteady, reeling back and forth, etc., as it
was being shaken. The body-temple appeared to be in great distress. The
body-temple finally fell heavily to its knees. While the body-temple was on its
knees in weakness, I saw hordes of demonic beings gather to attack the
body-temple. I then saw what appeared to be a very small army of warriors come together
to surround the body-temple and to protect and fight for it.

"Who are these warriors?" I asked the King.

"This small army of warriors are those whom have come out of times and
seasons of intense preparation for just this time," the King said to me. "I have
allowed them to be prepared in the furnace and fires of affliction for their
strengthening in order to defend My church during what appears to be its weakest

The King withdrew the outstretched rod and set it down on the ground at His
feet. The person from within the body-temple emerged, still weeping, and came
back to stand next to the King.

The King then stretched the staff in His hand out towards the body-temple.
The King handed what appeared to be a blueprint and a list of instructions to
the other person standing next to Him. The other person standing next to the
King then entered into the body-temple. I watched as this person began to set
the members of the body-temple into their correct positions and places according
to the blueprint and the instructions they held in their hand.

"Who is this person?" I asked the King.

"This person represents the spirit of the apostolic," the King replied. "I
am releasing this spirit and these people to set in order all within My church.
They will do so according to My will and plan and not according to their own
ideas or agenda. Their efforts also will many times be resisted and rejected.
Yet I have prepared the hearts and spirits of these people through times of
great difficulty. They have the heart and spirit of a father towards My church.
They possess great compassion and patience, and will exercise this patient
love while obeying My instructions."

While this person was working at setting each member and part of the body
into its correct position within the body-temple, the demonic hordes continued to
fight against the body-temple. The small, but fierce, army of warriors
continued to fight against the demons and to defend the body-temple.

When all the body parts and members appeared to be in correct order within
the body-temple, the other person emerged from the body-temple and rejoined the
King and the other person standing next to the King. Yet the body-temple
continued to be headless.

When the second person rejoined Him, the King took the staff in His hand and
thrust it deeply into the ground at His feet.

"Why did You thrust Your staff into the ground?" I asked the King.

"The staff of a shepherd guides and protects his sheep," the King replied.
"My guidance and protection for My sheep is forever settled."

I watched as one by one, each member and part of the body-temple came out of
the body-temple and approached the King. Each one of these members and parts
of the body presented themselves to the King. I watched as the King held out
His hands, placed both His hands upon each of the body members and parts of the
body, and blessed that body member or part of the body. After being blessed,
that body member or part of the body would then reenter back into the
body-temple and take back up their correct place and position within the body-temple.

I saw, however, that there were some members and parts of the body-temple who
refused to come before the King. These members and parts of the body
attempted to gather into a smaller body within the body-temple. They succeeded in
doing this to a small degree, but seemed unaware that this effort on their part
had isolated them from the full nourishment of the rest of the body-temple.
They also seemed totally unaware that they continued to be headless.

"What is happening?" I asked the King. "Why are some of the members and parts
of the body-temple presenting themselves to You, and others are not?"

"Each part and member of this body represents a specific function within My
church," the King replied. "After My church is brought back into correct
alignment and position, it will present itself before Me for My inspection and
blessing. Each ministry and function of the church must be fully submitted to Me in
order to function properly. There are some who will resist this, to their own
eventual destruction."

Then, the King lifted into the air and settled Himself into the position of
head of the body-temple. When this occurred, the body-temple seemed to somehow
become within itself five major body sections.

These five major sections of the body-temple were all connected and
interwoven with one another. The body-temple appeared to be in complete harmony with
all the other members and parts of the body, and was functioning perfectly.

"What are these five major sections of the body?" I asked the King.

"These five major sections of the body represent My apostles, prophets,
evangelists, pastors and teachers," the King explained to me. "They each have a
specific function and use within My church and are in place to equip and build up
My body."

The two people who had been standing on the right side and on the left side
of the King approached the body-temple and stood before it. I saw as these two
people joined hands. They raised their enjoined hands out towards the
body-temple and began to bless and also to serve the body-temple.

"Why have these two people joined hands?" I asked the King.

"The apostles and prophets will work hand in hand during this time," the King
answered me.

I then saw as the body-temple changed in its appearance and became as a bride
dressed in bridal clothes. The bride then suddenly appeared to be standing
with both feet firmly upon the planet earth. When this happened, milk, honey,
oil, water and fire began to pour out from within the bride.

Then I saw large groups of people from every nation on earth suddenly appear
around the bride. These groups of people were singing, praising the Lord,
rejoicing, being healed of infirmities, etc.

Then the vision ended.

Micah 4:1-2 ~ "But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the
mountain of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains,
and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.
And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of
the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his
ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and
the word of the Lord from Jerusalem."

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